Finding freedom has been a life-long journey for many of us.

My personal journey for freedom didn’t actually begin until I turned 28 years old. I was married with a 23 month old and an eleven month month old at home. Our two boys are exactly one year, one week, and one day apart.

When they were one and two, we adopted Trenton.

Our youngest son, Cason, had not turned one yet. I decided to go to a women’s retreat with the church we were attending at the time. That weekend changed my life forever. I encountered Jesus and the presence of the Almighty shifted my life in a way I never thought possible. I heard the audible voice of my Father tell me to “Go share your testimony!” I saw a vision of chains break when He spoke that and everything I had ever believed was shattered in an instant! I found freedom in Jesus and all my sins were washed away.

When I was 17 years old, I chose to have an abortion. It was a choice that haunted me for more than eleven years. But the day God spoke to me was the day all my guilt and shame was washed away supernaturally! It happened in an instant and I was awakened to the voice of God and his call on my life. I was called to set the captives free, to share my testimony, and encourage those who are bound by demonic oppression, and share the loving kindness of Abba!

A year and a half after that encounter with Jesus, I decided to participate in a healing study class called “Surrendering the Secret”. That class was amazing and I will forever be grateful for it. So many believers in Jesus are still suffering from the wounds of abortion. Even if you’re not suffering from the guilt and shame of that choice you’ve made, there is always more healing for you! The Lord gave me the name for my child as we were led to ask him for a name. I went to the store to buy flowers before a memorial service. When I saw red roses labeled “Freedom”, I knew Yahweh was telling me her name. I didn’t know until after I received her name that she was a girl. I could see her as a young child with blondish colored hair and a few small curls bouncing as she cheered us on from Heaven! Immediately that name meant so much to me, prophetically. It represented what he had done in my life already, it represented what I was praying for over my family, and I had no idea that name would become a prophetic sign that God would carry out further in my own life in a profound way. Just like Isaiah’s sons, the name was more than just a name. It was a sign that God will carry out his word!

That is why this blog has been birthed and how so many other things have manifested in my life.

I am grateful for this outlet when I don’t have a place to release the Word of God regularly. It is truly like a baby that has to be delivered. If I don’t travail to deliver the baby, it will die. If I don’t praise him the rocks will do it in my place! Luke 19:40