The other day I remembered that I’m waiting on a new vacuum because mine broke and it was still under warranty. Part of the deal of getting a new one was I had to cut the cord to the battery charger. WHAT? The charger is fine. Why do I need to cut the cord?? It’s the vacuum that’s broken.

This was so hard for me to do because the efficiency side of me was screaming “this is wasteful and unnecessary”!!

But if I wanted the new, I had to cut the cord.

It’s time to cut the cord. When you decide to break away from the old wineskin, the new wine will come. It may cause grief but there will be joy. It may be heartbreaking but comfort will replace it. You may lose relationships but God will bring 7x more. There may be confusion but the dust will settle and you’ll see more clearly than ever before. There may be tension but relief will come.

Almost two years ago, in the midst of COVID, my husband and I had to cut the cord. As hard as it was, we had to let our baby go. Our adopted son could no longer stay with us. It was extremely hard. It crushed me beyond words. On top of it people condemned us for something we literally were helpless in.

In fact, I was accused by more than one person of the very thing God has healed me of…..aborting a child. We had tried everything and exhausted every ounce of our efforts to make it work.

Adoption is hard. Letting go is harder.

“The situation distressed Abraham greatly because of his son [Ishmael].” Genesis 21:11

It was something we never anticipated coming. At the same time that there was extreme grief and confusion there was also great relief and a release of peace that couldn’t be explained. Joy took a while to come but it is now here only by His Grace.

The most exciting part is that I now know Trenton is planted in the soil that God intended him to be in and we are moving forward with healing and freedom.

If we would have never gone through the persecution, we would have never gotten free of fear of man (still a ways to go tho!) and our character would have never been sharpened. Cutting the cord was worth it as evil or mean as some may think that sounds. We had to trust God that if He was saying it then IT WAS GOOD.

In reality, it was His great Love for us and His protection over us that He allowed everything to happen the way it did.

My point in sharing this part of our story is that if we can cut THAT cord the same way Abraham had to cut the cord with Ishmael then you can cut whatever cord God is telling you to. Cutting the cord is hard. But you’re going to have to do it to step into all that God has for you.

Cutting the cord for some will probably mean cutting out the very fabric of what they’ve consider their identity.

That’s the point. God is a jealous God that wants all of you. He won’t allow you to find your identity in anything or person other than Him.