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Have you always desired a natural, home birth but not sure if you're cut out for it? 

$37 (electronic delivery)

I'm here to tell you that every woman is cut out for a home birth fi their heart desires an all natural birth. 

In this course, you'll find empowerment to birth the way God designed your body to birth. You'll leave confidently knowing what your body is designed to do during childbirth. Plus, techniques on how you need to work with your body and baby to deliver him/her faster and easier. 

Birth involves a lot of mental preparation and part of that mental provision is being like the women were in Exodus 1:19 ".....for they are vigorous!"

This mini birthing course is going to teach you just that! 

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An Exodus Birth Mini Course
$37.00 USD

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An Exodus Birth Mini Course
$37.00 USD

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